Our Fruit Butters

Through a thoughtful and deliberate process that begins with selecting seasonal fruits at the peak of ripeness, to hand prepping and slow cooking the fruits using traditional old-fashioned methods we create the highest quality fruit butter possible. Add the creativity of our flavor combinations and you have Fabulous Fruits!


Thank you for your interest in Fabulous Fruits! I appreciate the opportunity to share my unique locally created & produced fruit butters with you. My Denver based small business features a unique all natural fruit condiment that is ideal for eating on bread products, with cheeses, as a dessert topping, or as a glaze.

I began blending the flavors that make these small batch fruit butters special as a way of enhancing the natural flavors of the fruits without adding refined sugar or pectin. Fabulous Fruits are a naturally harmonious blend of tart, sweet, floral and earthy notes that create a symphony of flavor for the palate.

These creations are each inspired by friends and family, for whom I have always cooked. Please permit me to share them with you.


Jennifer Holcomb

Founder, Fabulous Fruits


2 thoughts on “Our Fruit Butters

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I purchased 3 of your fruit butters this summer in Estes Park at the Farmers Market. I bought them to give as gifts to relatives in Ohio. Now we’re getting ready to visit for T’giving and I want to give them suggestions for use /accompaniments. HELP please…I have strawberry sage, blueberry lavender and ginger pear. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Marlene,
      If you take a look at Fabulous Fridays I have a variety of cheese pairing suggestions and other uses in recipes. The three flavors your purchased are all fabulous paired with cheeses, with pancakes, oatmeal or yogurt. The Ginger Pear is a tasty alternative (or addition!) to whipped cream with gingerbread. Also great added to sweet potatoes if you are looking for less sugar overall.

      Look for other ideas on Fabulous Fridays- and send along any you come up with too! Safe travels- Jennifer

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