Fabulous Fruits

"Hand Crafted & Honey Sweetened"

Small Batch Balsamic Infused Fruit Butters

These fruit butters balance sweet and tart with bright and unctuous. All have a luscious, smooth and creamy spreadability.

Here at Fabulous Fruits we are redefining fruit preserves in a delicious way. The natural midly sweet flavors of ripe fruits are enhanced with best quality balsamic vinegar and a touch of best quality mountain honey to create a condiment like no other- great accompanying cheeses, meats, salad dressings and more. Look for weekly recipes on Fabulous Fridays.

Small Batch Fruit Butters

A few simple ingredients masterfully matched 

We have created the perfect blend of old-fashioned processing teqniques with modern flavor combinations to create an unforgettable taste treat!

Just the right balance of sweet and tart with a sophisticated finish to each flavor make your favorite fruits FABULOUS  in our one of a kind  Fruit Butter!

Seasonally Selected Fruits

Seasonally selected fruits are infused with herbs and spices then slow cooked to thicken naturally . We capture the flavor of your favorite fruits and preserve it for you to enjoy all year long!

All Natural

Our small batch fruit butter is naturally delicious:

We blend just the right amount of top quality locally sourced Balsamic and locally sourced herbs selected to enhance the flavor of each fruit naturally. Sweetened just a touch with a gently filetered local HONEY and slow cooked to thcken naturally.

NO REFINED SUGAR, NO Gluten, NO Added PECTIN, COLORS or  preservatives

Colorado Proud

Our small batch fruit butter  starts with hand selected fruits carefully cleaned and prepared for cooking. Hand-crafted and honey sweetened in Colorado.

Available at Farmers Markets and local events in Denver and Loveland, or by ordering online for delivery or pick-up.